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Lay Your Head Down In Style

I’m a huge fan of pillows I only have a million of them on my own bed that by the time I wake up have found their way all over my floor, however I don’t have any nearly as cool as some of these pillows.  Check em out!  There’s even more if you click on the link.

For those with a slightly warped sense of humor there is the blood puddle pillow.

Make people think you’ve been hard at work by falling asleep on a book pillow.

For the lonely we’ve got this gem.

DOS Pillow

Man I miss the good ole floppy disk, but he is forever immortalized in this cute little pillow.

Sleeping with the Moon.

Laptop Pillow

Mac Pillows

I must have these NES Control Pad Pillows.

Working late again?

Godfather humor. Again slightly disturbing.

Social Network Pillows

Text Acronym Pillows GTFO!!!

Wiimote Pillows

Mass Effect Hoodies

Here are a series of Mass Effect hoodies developed by DeviantARTist lupodirosso.  They designed these hoodies sent an email to Bioware and it seems Bioware has agreed to produce them on a limited test basis.  Of course I’m gonna get the Jack hoodie so I can get in touch with my inner badass.

Training for Muggles

I mean of course Mama didn’t raise no muggle so I’m good to go, but if you want to practice up on your fake spell casting that you do with your pen on your coworkers then here is a video of all the spells cast in the 8  Harry Potter movie series.  INCENDIO!!!!

Mario Bros Fishtank

Shoot I just get a fishtank and throw a cheap little cave structure in it and I feel like my fish thinks he’s living large.  This fish have the a geek swank set up though check it out.

Memorial Day

This is different from what I usually do but as a member of the military myself and coming from a family that has a very rich military tradition I feel that we all have the responsibility to honor our men and women who serve and sacrifice especially on Memorial Day.  Being in the armed forces has not always been easy in fact it is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I have always felt honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to serve my country and her people.  So thank you to all those who have served before me, those who I serve with now, and those who have paid the ultimate price while defending America’s freedom and her people.  If you see a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Coasty let them know you appreciate what they do.   I hope everyone celebrates and has a wonderful time, but never forget what this holiday is really about.

U.S. Army Spc. Clayton Joy hugs his sons Peyton, 3, left, and Austin, 2, right as he leaves for a deployment in Iraq.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Pay your respects to those who defend our life, liberty, and freedom.

The Anatomy of a Supercell Thunderstorm

As someone who forecasts weather for a living I found this particularly interesting.  Researchers aboard a NASA DC-8 went on a six week hunt for the perfect set up for severe thunderstorms over the Midwest.  They were finally able to find what they were looking for when a large band of thunderstorms formed over Oklahoma and stretched through eastern Kansas.  Here are some pictures of that amazing event.  Click on the link to read even more information about the project.

This is a NASA DC-8 on which approximately 100 researchers were aboard in pursuit of the perfect setup for severe thunderstorms.

A visible satellite shot of a massive line of severe thunderstorms in the Midwest United States.

An actual picture taken from the DC-8 showing the formation of the cumulonimbus clouds that make up a thunderstorm. It clearly depicts the anvil, overshooting tops breaking through the tropopause, as well as the clear updraft which when it is strong enough can be a major factor in hail production.


Cool Star Wars Hoodies

How many times have I wanted to look like R2D2?  Well probably more times than I can count on my hands and feet.  Well now my wish can come true with these new Star Wars hoodies made by Mad Engine.  Some of them even allow you to zip up your hoodie hood so that you can have the face of Boba Fett or Darth Vader.  You may not be able to see but you’ll look cool.  Vision is overrated anyways is what I always say.

Boba Fett


Darth Vader



Dry Erase Board Wall

Well after a bit of an extended break Geektrovert is back in force.  Lets kick it off with what the what….a dry erase board wall.  A company called IdeaPaint has created some kind of clear coat that you can paint on your wall and it will essentially turn it into the biggest dry erase board known to man.  Imagine you could write your grocery list all over your room or perhaps if you’re in an office you can keep track of stats or some such nonsense.  Needless to say I probably won’t be doing this anytime soon as I’m almost positive my friends would just erase any useful thing I wrote and replace it with a drawing of a giant penis….TMI….sorry sort of…not really.

10 Paint Splatter Star Wars Characters

I don’t know why but I kind of get the feeling that we enjoy Star Wars around here.  Check out these cool paint splatter Star Wars character portrayals.


Boba Fett

Darth Maul

Darth Vader





Rebel Alliance Pilot

I’m Going to Blow Your Face Right Off Your Face

Photographer Tadao Cern is the creator of the these photographs featuring people being blown by intense winds.  I don’t know whether to laugh or be frightened or laugh and be frightened at the same time.  If you go to his Facebook page there are hundreds more to view.  Enjoy.