Star Wars Invades Famous Works of Art….and The Office

Star Wars characters invade these famous works of art and a bonus picture of The Office reimagining the painting “A Sunday Afternoon”.


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  1. Oh! That’s hilarious! All you needed was a work of art with Jabba the Hutt in it and it would’ve been perfect!

  2. Most of these are wonderful and adorable, but the one that really made my day was the ‘omg somebody save those cherub babies from the dark side!! (Though I suppose that’s what happens when word gets around that the dark side has cookies)

  3. Haha thanks guys! And I agree a Jabba the Hutt would have perfectly rounded it out…dangit.

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    this just made my day.

  5. I like this. The girl holding the robot is cool.

  6. This was great. I just finished a Humanities class and we studied almost all of the paintings that were altered. I laughed when i saw Darth Vader on the horse instead of Napoleon. Great ideas.

  7. I’m glad everyone is enjoying this little bit of sci-fi/geek comedy. πŸ˜€

  8. Hilarious! Especially like the re-imagined Office Seurat painting. I have an officeful of sci-fi geeks, so must pass your site along! πŸ™‚

  9. Allison Huyett

    Oh God this is so funny you make my day. May the force of a hundred thousand horses be with you. AR2.

  10. Thanks. I needed that!

  11. thesociallyawkwardkhounlo

    The First Picture: The Vitruvian Wookie

    Cool post.

  12. My kids are going to love the Star Wars ones. We are a Star Wars kind of family, after all.

  13. LOL absolutely loved this!! Especially the one with Darth Vader riding!! This certainly brightened up my day (currently at work now and am a little naughty taking lots of breaks! ooops :P)

  14. Jonathan Taylor

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  15. I love this stuff. Is the artwork someone else’s or did you photoshop some stuff.

    • Nope unfortunately I am not responsible for this awesomeness. These were entries in Star Wars-related Photoshop contests at Worth 1000.

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    Some great pics here. Star Wars invades some famous pieces of art.

  17. hipstergomez

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    Star Wars really is classic

  18. Someone was a tad bit bored on “A Sunday Afternoon”? Very Entertaining and quite different. Loved this!

  19. These are great! Reminds me of these wonderful paintings:

  20. Yes, this is so cool. haha. Love the Yoda one!

  21. “The Force is strong in this one…”

  22. This gives new meaning to “space invaders”. Great stuff.

    God Bless

  23. Cool…Chewbacca gives me the creeps though. Hehe πŸ™‚

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  24. I “liked” it because there was no “loved” it button.

  25. leolathomas66

    I’m looking at the bottom one and I can’t see Star Wars.

  26. Staring 3PO as Jean Paul Marat

    Awesome But I wanted to see Obi-Wan there

  27. This is great–next I want to see someone do a Star Trek series!

  28. Those are all great–though my favorite is of “Yoda” relaying his wisdom!

    Highly original post!

  29. The Vitruvian Chewbacca……..

  30. LMAO. That was awesome!

  31. shinobiswordsman

    This…is winning! Rock on!

  32. Congratulations! You’ve make me lol today πŸ˜€

  33. Wow this is hilarious! I remember seeing The Office one before, but the star wars one’s are excellent! Congrats on the FP!

  34. I never get tired of reinventing the Star Wars characters! Blending them with classic pieces – genius! I love the C3PO one!

  35. Brilliant! This is a must-share. I’ve seen the Victorian Star Wars pictures, but these lend a whole new dimension to the Star Wars-takes-over-classic-art genre.

  36. Cro-Magnolia

    I see you’ve already answered my question, where in the world did you come across these. That looks like an interesting site. These are great. I love the girl holding the AT-AT like a doll.

  37. This is pretty cool

  38. superb…love it…girl holding a robot

  39. Excellent. Gary Larson did something similar with dachshunds. I blogged about it here, hope you enjoy:

  40. That’s what I call creative πŸ˜€

  41. Andii, I love any and all Star War references and this is so disturbing and so cool at the same time.

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    Like I have said before, Love, Love Love, any and all Star War reference where they are not supposed to be. Check out more from

  43. The picture with Yoda in it was absolutely brilliant. His expression especially πŸ˜€ … Although I’m a star wars fan, paintings are not my thing, so can you tell me what is the original of that particular painting called?

  44. haha nice job !!

  45. haha nice job !!!

  46. The universe is now a better place.

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    This is really cool and inventive. My fave is the Chewbacca picture at the top.

  48. I love the darth vader one!

    He is my favorite character from anything, ever.

  49. Fantastic…Can’t wait to see what you do for Star Wars Day on Friday. You surely knew that Friday is Star Wars Day…????

  50. The LensMaster

    I love the last photo!!! This gives me the idea, when I retire, I’ll parody some famous paintings in photos.

  51. SO funny! Thanks for sharing those!!!

  52. I wish I had a pet AT-AT.

  53. Who knew that a Wookie had the same bodily dimensions as homo sapien? But there you go. Ha ha! These are great! Loved them!

  54. Absolutely brilliant, well done. I majored in Art History & I teach it now, and you’ve integrated all the Star Wars characters brilliantly into the paintings, getting all the tones, colours and textures perfect. Really adds to the humour somehow. I shall be pressing “follow” to subscribe. Looking forward to seeing more of your work already. Fantastic post, well done!

  55. These are really good, thanks for posting

  56. Did you do the art work? It is amazing. Love Yoda! πŸ™‚
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  57. Haha, Palpatine with the babies is creepy as heck!

  58. lol, it’s sooo awesome!! very creative.. i haven’t really watched star wars, but i like what you did with the pictures.. πŸ˜€

  59. Dwight Schrute meets Georges Seurat! Way cool! Thanks Andii.

  60. Put simply. This is genius

  61. Love the one with Chewie!

  62. Love it!!!

  63. There is just nothing like the classics…But seriously, with things like this, will the talking heads 100 or 200 years from now be able to distinguish the old Rensaissance art from the Old Republic art? πŸ™‚ A wonderful way to amuse the current generation and confuse the future generations. I loved it!! Thanks for sharing…

  64. Not to mix sci-fi references but…Shiny!

  65. I love these! Well I love the star wars work, I have to admit I’m not a fan of the Office! Thank you for sharing! It really brightened up my day seeing this artwork πŸ™‚

  66. Random Comment Poster

    Overwhelmed by genius! Awesome!

  67. Oh, my! These made my day. I’ve seen the Office reenactment of the famous painting scene before, but all of the Star Wars pics are new to me. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    Perfect for my houseful of Star Wars geeks! ❀

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    Star Wars rocks!!

  70. So much wonderfulness! These are fantastic!

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    i saw this and thought of so many of my friends who would love this

  72. I don’t know much about art but I know what I like! And I likes that!

  73. Pahahaha!!! This is so good πŸ™‚ xx

  74. OMG. Love Star Wars & Love art. This was amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

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    So full of win!

  76. This, this is so amazing!!!! And hilarious. So full of win. Thank you for posting this!

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    Quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve seen! Now, if we could only find a picture of Jabba to put into Holbein’s ‘The Ambassadors’ the circle would be complete…

  78. Oh my goodness this is so great! I am in love with the office and never noticed their cover looked so much like that pointillism painting! Thanks for making my day!

  79. Star Wars is as epic as those paintings! Thanks!

  80. It’s just awesome! I love the Darth Vader one, especially because I have just seen a steam punk version of the painting and it’s just fun to compare them. Mmmm… might be a good idea for a post πŸ™‚

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    On the eve of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You), fun by Geektroverted!

  82. These are awesome πŸ™‚

  83. That is great! Gotta love when Star Wars makes its way into the classical arts! there’s heaps of them! But I do love that Chewbacca is the perfect ‘man’

  84. my wenoooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Hilarious! This will be kids’ Funny for today. πŸ™‚

  86. He is my favorite character from anything, ever.

  87. why is the vitruvian had so much clothes on??..oh, i forgot, those were furs, hehehe.. he’s naked after all πŸ™‚

  88. Hahahaha Completely crazy

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  90. Great – Just set up my account and you are the second blog that I looked at. Really Fun to see StarWars go Classic.
    Fun stuff.

  91. That one with Palpatine (the name of the painting escapes me) is proper creepy! I also now want a mini AT-AT. Nice post!

  92. The Skeptical Woman

    This made my day! Awesome πŸ™‚

  93. Hilarious, although the one with the emperor and the children is a little creepy. Congrats on FP!

  94. Joe Labriola

    That was great! I wonder what the original artists would think…I guess they wouldn’t get it, hehe

  95. Fantastic!! Too dang funny! Thanks for sharing.

  96. nazarioartpainting


  97. thebrightoldoak

    Lovely! I love reinterpretations of art with contemporary elements. brilliant! πŸ˜‰

  98. May the Fourth be With You!

  99. We have a picture of Boba Fett hanging at the front of our office and the rule is that everyone has to kiss their hand to his face before entering and leaving the office!
    “May the fourth be with you!”

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    Love it!

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    Love it!

  102. Someone get those babies around from the Emperor. Quick.

  103. Hahaha omg this is hilarious! lol love it!

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    Awesome Star Wars Art….

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