BREAKING NEWS: Bethesda Announces That They Will Be Developing an Elder Scrolls MMO

Life just keeps getting better for us gamers…especially those of us that are lovers of the RPG genre.  Bethesda Softworks has just recently announced that they will be developing an Elder Scrolls MMO.  I have literally just died from elation over this news.   So hopefully now your minds can be put at ease about these rumors.  Look for it sometime next year.


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  1. I have loved the Elder Scrolls since I managed to get away with installing a Daggerfall demo on the family computer years ago. But I’m a little wary about an Elder Scrolls MMO–the Elder Scrolls leveling system might not be well-suited to an online game. I don’t know; I’d love for it to be great, but I’m not holding my breath. I worry that too many compromises will have to be made.

  2. Well, I suppose this was unavoidable. I mean the setting and everything seems ripe for this type of game, but ever since the beginning TES has been about your singular character and his/her journey, and saving the world all alone. Think of the main characters – The Nerevarine, Dovahkiin, etc. All are singular, solitary forces who accomplish what they do through sheer willpower and badassery alone. For me, it just won’t feel right going on dungeon raids with 20 people…

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