The Anatomy of a Supercell Thunderstorm

As someone who forecasts weather for a living I found this particularly interesting.  Researchers aboard a NASA DC-8 went on a six week hunt for the perfect set up for severe thunderstorms over the Midwest.  They were finally able to find what they were looking for when a large band of thunderstorms formed over Oklahoma and stretched through eastern Kansas.  Here are some pictures of that amazing event.  Click on the link to read even more information about the project.

This is a NASA DC-8 on which approximately 100 researchers were aboard in pursuit of the perfect setup for severe thunderstorms.

A visible satellite shot of a massive line of severe thunderstorms in the Midwest United States.

An actual picture taken from the DC-8 showing the formation of the cumulonimbus clouds that make up a thunderstorm. It clearly depicts the anvil, overshooting tops breaking through the tropopause, as well as the clear updraft which when it is strong enough can be a major factor in hail production.



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