About Me

I’m the elusive fangirl.  I love video games, sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV series, as well as comics.  I used to be a bit self-conscience about it, but I’ve grown to love and accept what I am.  If you can geek out about something I probably have.  I’ve always been a creative person and love to write, draw, and play music.  This blog is another way for me to express myself and share some of the things that I enjoy.  If you have any suggestions about blog or just want to chat feel free to email me at geektrovert@gmail.com.

  1. Welcome to wordpress!! I’m always glad to meet a fellow geek 🙂

  2. Geek girls of the multiverse unite! So glad I found your blog. Geeky greetings from the UK.

  3. Clare Hallewell

    There is nothing wrong with having a bit of Geek thats in all of us…… I love Star Wars and being 35 brought myself a Darth Vader Mr Potato Head at the weekend cos it look awesome 🙂

  4. *Duh-nuhnuhnuh, DUUUUH!* You found the GEEK BLOG! 😛

  5. So glad to find another geek fangirl! May the stars ahine upon the hour of our meeting. 🙂
    Live long and prosper!

  6. I am geeker than you!

  7. hey! glad i found your blog. two words: awesome.

  8. There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.
    – Unknown

  9. Haha I’m a geek too, but I just read you love video games. can you please elaborate on which video games you play so that I can judge the level of awesomeness you have reached? 😀 haha.
    a gamer.

    although my blog is nothing about games, its about my music band. 🙂

    • I’m a big time RPG gamer I guess. I try to branch out but it just never works out. I’ve played Morrowind, Oblivion currently Skyrim, Dragon Age 1 and 2, Final Fantasy X through XIII. I’m in the process of playing Mass Effect 2 as we speak. I’ve also played Red Dead Revolver, various Resident Evils and Silent Hills. I’ve gotten down with my bad self on all the Zelda games on N64 and I’m also a a ballah at Mario Kart.

      • I see what you did there.
        You just impressed the shit out of me. 🙂
        I don’t play mmorpgs except for Dragon oath or WoW, just the two of those, but I play dota, have you heard of it? 🙂
        I’m a badass at DOTA.

      • I’ve never heard of it. Or maybe I have and I just don’t know the acronym. I played WoW for a bit but it was just too redundant for me. I also played Star Wars Old Republic and I thought it was aight but I haven’t played that in awhile even. So many games so little time ya know.

      • yea I agree, so many games so little time. WoW is waste of time if you ask me. people are just so into starcraft these days but if you ask me mmorpgs are a waste of time, soon someone or the other gets a hack, creates bots and all the time you have played the game just goes to waste :/

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