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Eye Watering Eyeball Stitches

Have you ever wanted to see eyeball stitches…well today is your lucky day.  Here is a close up of an eye after having a cornea transplant.  I’m not gonna lie I’m mesmerized but it’s also making my eyes water something fierce.  Really though isn’t it crazy what medical science can do.

Dry Erase Board Wall

Well after a bit of an extended break Geektrovert is back in force.  Lets kick it off with what the what….a dry erase board wall.  A company called IdeaPaint has created some kind of clear coat that you can paint on your wall and it will essentially turn it into the biggest dry erase board known to man.  Imagine you could write your grocery list all over your room or perhaps if you’re in an office you can keep track of stats or some such nonsense.  Needless to say I probably won’t be doing this anytime soon as I’m almost positive my friends would just erase any useful thing I wrote and replace it with a drawing of a giant penis….TMI….sorry sort of…not really.

Blimps, Airships and Zeppelins

Forget that airships are dangerous and a completely impractical way to travel, don’t they just look super cool.  I must admit I have some kind of weird fascination with them and given the opportunity I probably wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to take a spin in one.  Here are some pics of blimps, airships, and zeppelins from the normal to the strange to the imaginatively fantastic.  For even more go here.



Man Installs His Own iPod Holder via Magnet

I guess this guy just got sick of having that little strap around his arm that stops all blood flow thereby rendering your appendage useless.  So he came up with a creative solution….why not install a magnet in his arm to hold his iPod on.  Maybe a little creepy and slightly overboard but to each his own.  Plus check out his ink pretty snazzy.  For more on the story go here.

Underwater Hotel to be Built in Where Else Dubai

The Dubainese are at it again.  This time they are going to attempt to build a sweet underwater hotel.  Who needs Blue Planet when I can get right near the action.  Please sign me up immediately.  Click here for more information and photos.

What the what!?  Awesome sauce!

A serene nighttime view of said hotel.

This could get very kinky if there were any scuba divers swimming about.  To each his own though.

Awesome Fan Made Movie Posters

If you’ve got a lot of creativity, a love for a movie franchise, and some bitchin PhotoShop skills then you too can produce some really cool and very professional looking fan-made movie posters.  Too see even more click here <——


This Dude Has One Legit Iron Man Costume

Whoa I’ve seen some pretty janky cosplay costumes….but this is NOT one of them.

Flying People Over NYC!?

Apparently in hopes of generating buzz for the movie “Chronicle” 3 RC Planes shaped like humans and made by advertising firm Thinkmodo were released over NYC.  Looking at them up close it is clear they are in fact a human invention, however, I imagine that if you’re driving over the Brooklyn Bridge and you glance up and see them they just look like flying people.  Truth is if I would have seen this I probably would have crapped my pants.  It’s a pretty cool idea though.  I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it until now.

Amazing Art Made With Lights

This cathedral in Ghent, Belgium is brilliantly lit by 55,000 LED lights.  If I attended a mass/service here I wouldn’t be listening to anything being said I’m pretty sure.

Artist Eric Franklin is the creator of this glowing skeleton, which took him over two years to make.  It is called “Embodiment” and is made of 10 separate units of glass formed from borosilicate glass tubing. The skeleton is filled with krypton to create a neon-like glowing effect.

Artist Bruce Munro created this stunning display by placing over 5,000 Christmas lights on top of acrylic stems.  The work of art is appropriately called “Field of Lights”.

Urban artist Bill Fitz-Gibbons specializes in illuminating urban areas with neon lights as seen here with The Alamo in San Antonio, TX and a bridge underpass.

Sculptor Jim Sanborn is the creator of this stunning work of art.  It is actually a metal sculpture with phrases of poetry printed on it.  It is lit from the inside at night which cast the words on the surrounding area.

Old Mac Computers Are Made Into Awesome Fish Aquariums

Have an old Mac computer just sitting around why not make it into a really cool and unique aquarium.