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Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Sneak Peek (Before the Anarchy)

Sons of Anarchy is another one of those shows I got unexpectedly sucked into.  I haven’t heard much about Season 5, however, I came across this little tidbit.  So if there are any other SAMCRO fans out there I hope you enjoy. 

Hyundai Zombie Survival Car

Hyundai has done it.  They have created a Zombie Survival Car in the form of an apocalyptic souped up Elantra Coupe to celebrate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic.  It comes complete with front spikes, wheel spikes, barred windows, and flood lightsCheck it out!  Also scroll to the bottom for a 5 minute video on how this beast was made.

Pick Your Team: Game of Thrones Sports Logos

Pick a side in Game of Thrones and sport your gear!  I gotta say I think I’m torn between the Starks and the Targaryens.  How about you?  To check out more Game of Thrones sports logos click the link.  To buy them in shirts, hoodies, cards, iPhone cases and several other forms go here.  There are also several other houses to choose from if you’re partial to another family, so not to worry.  🙂



All The Other Kids With the Pumped Up Kicks

Check it out.  It appears that Marvel and Reebok have teamed up to create some pretty kick ass footwear.  Which one is your favorite?

Captain America





Black Widow and White Queen

Amazing Sand Artist on Ukraine’s Got Talent (Warning: Has Been Known To Cause Emotions)

First of all who even knew that Ukraine had their own Got Talent show?  Not me.  Anyway, I’m not gonna lie my grandma sent me this video in an email awhile back and I thought it was gonna be lame.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  While the art is absolutely incredible it was the story that it told that really got me, and I actually think I teared up a little bit (I’m not really a crier either).  I found it very touching.  Hopefully some of you enjoy this as much as I did.

1920’s Batman

Lets imagine it’s the roaring 20’s in Gotham City perhaps the Dark Knight would be wearing something like this.  This ultra retro mask was created by the Ukrainian costume crafters at Bob Basset.

Nicktoon Avengers…Winning

Most of these Nickelodeon characters are from my era of Nickelodeon which is awesome.  With the release of The Avengers, Moviefone hired artist Dennis Culver to create the Nick characters done up as various Avengers.  To see them up close and personal go to link.

The Walking Dead Season 3

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and I know it must be good because even my parents are Dead fans.  If you’re anything like me you are probably going through a bit of a withdrawal since it has been off the air.  However, some information about the upcoming season has just become available.  New characters, new setting, but still lots of zambies!  Go here <—— for some upcoming Season 3 details.


Geek Stained Glass

Stained glass isn’t just for churches anymore kids.  To see even more geek stained glass click on the link.



Star Wars Invades Famous Works of Art….and The Office

Star Wars characters invade these famous works of art and a bonus picture of The Office reimagining the painting “A Sunday Afternoon”.