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Alternate Pac-Man

Ever get tired of eating those boring old dots and healthy old fruits.  Well here is a picture of all kinds of alternate Pac-Man ideas.

Modern Games Retrofied Into NES Cartridges

I happen to be a fan of most things retro and a company called 72 Pins has come up with the cool idea to create stylized labels of modern era games and place them on old NES cartridges making them kind of a nifty little throwback decorative piece.  Here are a few samples of what they have.  Hit the link for even more options.


High Def Gory Mario Bros Gameplay

Here is the first level of the original Mario complete with high definition gore.  Enjoy!!

Lay Your Head Down In Style

I’m a huge fan of pillows I only have a million of them on my own bed that by the time I wake up have found their way all over my floor, however I don’t have any nearly as cool as some of these pillows.  Check em out!  There’s even more if you click on the link.

For those with a slightly warped sense of humor there is the blood puddle pillow.

Make people think you’ve been hard at work by falling asleep on a book pillow.

For the lonely we’ve got this gem.

DOS Pillow

Man I miss the good ole floppy disk, but he is forever immortalized in this cute little pillow.

Sleeping with the Moon.

Laptop Pillow

Mac Pillows

I must have these NES Control Pad Pillows.

Working late again?

Godfather humor. Again slightly disturbing.

Social Network Pillows

Text Acronym Pillows GTFO!!!

Wiimote Pillows

Mass Effect Hoodies

Here are a series of Mass Effect hoodies developed by DeviantARTist lupodirosso.  They designed these hoodies sent an email to Bioware and it seems Bioware has agreed to produce them on a limited test basis.  Of course I’m gonna get the Jack hoodie so I can get in touch with my inner badass.

Mario Bros Fishtank

Shoot I just get a fishtank and throw a cheap little cave structure in it and I feel like my fish thinks he’s living large.  This fish have the a geek swank set up though check it out.

Assassin’s Creed III New Gameplay Trailer

Assassins = Epic Winning.  Check out this ultra badassery.


Another Cool Parent Makes Son An Alduin Cake For His Birthday

Whoa I thought that my mom was awesome when she made me a Winnie the Pooh face cake, but this cake basically takes….the cake.  Go here for more pics and story behind it.

Geek Stained Glass

Stained glass isn’t just for churches anymore kids.  To see even more geek stained glass click on the link.



5 Things Elder Scrolls MMO Should Incorporate

I haven’t played an Elder Scrolls game I didn’t like and hopefully this one will be no different.  Here’s a great article that talks about what the new Elder Scrolls MMO should try and do to make it successful.  I really have high hopes and I think it’s gonna be amazing.  2013 is such a long time to wait though.