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Smartass Weatherman

GODZILLA!!  As someone who forecasts weather for a living I’ve got to say that I think this man may be my hero.  WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, weatherman Aaron Justus makes light of the recent heatwave to hit the nation with a very colorful weather forecast.

56 Years of Tornado Tracks

Again I’m going to get on my weather girl geek soapbox.  This map produced by NOAA depicts the tracks of tornadoes over the last 56 years in the United States of America.  The brighter the line stroke the more severe the storm was that produced the tornado.  Basically what it seems like is if  you live anywhere east of Colorado you’re getting jacked up by severe weather during the spring/summer months.  Personally I’m from SW Missouri and have been in a few tornadoes in my day and I can assure you that it’s not nearly as fun as the movie Twister makes it seem.

56 Years of Tornadoes in the United States of America