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Awesome 2D Sketches That Appear 3D

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki is able to draw 2D images that present the illusion of being 3D through the use of two sketchbooks and some creative angles.  For even more of Hideyuki’s work check out his website, Facebook Page, and deviantART Page.  Enjoy!

Works Of Art That Are Eerily Lifelike

If you think you are looking at a photograph of a real person or object…think again.  Believe it or not all of these were actually made using 3D computer graphics programs.  Pretty amazing right?  Go here <—— to see more.

The Amazing Spiderman to Reboot Spiderman Franchise

  The Amazing Spiderman is the fourth movie in the Spiderman franchise and hopefully will serve as the reboot to the Spidey series.  This movie will go back to when it all started and feature Peter Parker as his powers are just beginning to evolve while he’s still in high school.  The movie will star relative newcomer Andrew Garfield in the lead role while Emma Stone will portray Gwen Stacy the first love interest of Parker pre MJ.  Look for this movie in early July in 3D as well as IMAX 3D.