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Fine Art Manholes and Sewer Drains

Art truly knows know boundaries.  You show me something that you think can’t be turned into art and I’ll find an artist to prove you wrong.  Check out these manhole covers and sewer drains that various artists took it upon themselves to turn into works of fine art.

These Beats Are So Fresh

For those who are easily entertained such as myself here is a video of monkeys and other animals laying down some fresh beats….or trying to eat the beatmaker.  Is it sad that this may be just as good as some of the music I have heard on the radio?  Well anyway enjoy!

Chewbacca Puppy

Chewy take over the guns, I’m gonna kick it into lightspeed!  I need this dog to be mine.

Sharks With Frickin Laser Beams….Well Not So Much But How About Sharks With Glowing Bellies

This miniature pygmy shark lives well below the surface of the Pacific Ocean a certain type of melatonin allows their tummies to glow.  It is believed by scientist that the purpose is as a means of communication as well as camoflauge.  Very interesting.