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Grandpa Plays Video Games…Wins “Coolest Grandpa Ever” Award

I stumbled upon this video of an 84 year old grandfather playing Call of Duty and Halo with his grandsons. It is cute, hilarious, and awesome. Check it out!

Alternate Pac-Man

Ever get tired of eating those boring old dots and healthy old fruits.  Well here is a picture of all kinds of alternate Pac-Man ideas.

Smartass Weatherman

GODZILLA!!  As someone who forecasts weather for a living I’ve got to say that I think this man may be my hero.  WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, weatherman Aaron Justus makes light of the recent heatwave to hit the nation with a very colorful weather forecast.

These Beats Are So Fresh

For those who are easily entertained such as myself here is a video of monkeys and other animals laying down some fresh beats….or trying to eat the beatmaker.  Is it sad that this may be just as good as some of the music I have heard on the radio?  Well anyway enjoy!

I’m Going to Blow Your Face Right Off Your Face

Photographer Tadao Cern is the creator of the these photographs featuring people being blown by intense winds.  I don’t know whether to laugh or be frightened or laugh and be frightened at the same time.  If you go to his Facebook page there are hundreds more to view.  Enjoy.

Geeky Pancake Art

Nathan Shields uses a griddle as his canvas and Bisquick as his paint.  Behold!  I know mine will turn out like a hot mess but I’ve got to try this.

Again I have saved the best for last.


Nicktoon Avengers…Winning

Most of these Nickelodeon characters are from my era of Nickelodeon which is awesome.  With the release of The Avengers, Moviefone hired artist Dennis Culver to create the Nick characters done up as various Avengers.  To see them up close and personal go to link.

Life On Hoth Can Be Rough Even If You’re a LEGO Character

Life on Hoth is cold and brutal even if you’re a little plastic LEGO Star Wars character, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too.  Too see even more LEGO Hoth pictures go here <———

And I had to save the best for last.  Stormtrooper cutting loose on Hoth.

These Stormtroopers Are Partying Hard on Star Wars Day

Man those Stormtroopers are busting some serious moves!

Famous Movie Quotes In The Voice Of A Fancy Englishman

Here are a few famous movie quotes said in the voice of a proper Englishman.  For even more click on the link.