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Man of Steel Official Trailer

I know I’m a little late on this but here is one of the official trailers for the new Superman flick .  This one features the voice of Kevin Costner who is playing Clark Kent’s adoptive father in the movie.  There is an alternate version as well with all the same footage but has the voice of Russell Crowe who is playing Jor-El Superman’s biological father.  Both are giving a bit of fatherly wisdom.

This clip doesn’t show much but I really think this movie is going to be far better than any of the other Superman movies that we’ve seen.  Superman has always been a little to apple pie for me and it looks like they’ve gone a more gritty and dark route this go around….and oh Henry Cavill (Superman) is SMOKIN HOT to any of the lady fans out there.  What do you all think?

New Amazing Spiderman Trailer is…..AMAZING

The Amazing Spiderman to Reboot Spiderman Franchise

  The Amazing Spiderman is the fourth movie in the Spiderman franchise and hopefully will serve as the reboot to the Spidey series.  This movie will go back to when it all started and feature Peter Parker as his powers are just beginning to evolve while he’s still in high school.  The movie will star relative newcomer Andrew Garfield in the lead role while Emma Stone will portray Gwen Stacy the first love interest of Parker pre MJ.  Look for this movie in early July in 3D as well as IMAX 3D.