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Awesome 2D Sketches That Appear 3D

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki is able to draw 2D images that present the illusion of being 3D through the use of two sketchbooks and some creative angles.  For even more of Hideyuki’s work check out his website, Facebook Page, and deviantART Page.  Enjoy!

Mother Nature Shows Her True Colors

In the African country of Senegal there is a lake called Lake Retba.  Your eyes do not deceive you…that is not a lake of liquid bubblegum the water is actually pink.  The color is caused by a micro-algae called dunaliella salina.

Man Installs His Own iPod Holder via Magnet

I guess this guy just got sick of having that little strap around his arm that stops all blood flow thereby rendering your appendage useless.  So he came up with a creative solution….why not install a magnet in his arm to hold his iPod on.  Maybe a little creepy and slightly overboard but to each his own.  Plus check out his ink pretty snazzy.  For more on the story go here.