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Star Wars Street Graffiti

Now if you’re a tagger this is how you do it right here.  Check out this Star Wars Graffiti Art that adorns walls, tunnels, alleys and a number of other urban surfaces throughout the world. 

Fine Art Manholes and Sewer Drains

Art truly knows know boundaries.  You show me something that you think can’t be turned into art and I’ll find an artist to prove you wrong.  Check out these manhole covers and sewer drains that various artists took it upon themselves to turn into works of fine art.

LEGOs Train Bridge

A kind street artist by the name of Megx decided to take a drab old train bridge in Germany and turn it into something a little more colorful and awesome.  Check it out in all its LEGO splendor!



After Close Up


Moss Art

Stefaan de Crook an urban street artist uses a high power pressure washer to carve artwork into the moss growing outside of the STUK Art Center in Leuven, Belgium.  Unfortunately the moss grows back pretty quickly so if you want to see it you have to get there within the first couple weeks of it being done.

The Crevasse – Making of 3D Street Art

Watch as a flat piece of concrete is turned into a very realistic gaping icy crevasse. Another example of amazing 3D street art by German street painting artist Edgar Müller.

Literal Street Art

Cool example where a street is used as a canvas and cars are the paintbrushes.  Don’t worry the paint is eco-friendly and non-harmful to the environment.  🙂