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Star Wars Street Graffiti

Now if you’re a tagger this is how you do it right here.  Check out this Star Wars Graffiti Art that adorns walls, tunnels, alleys and a number of other urban surfaces throughout the world. 

Fine Art Manholes and Sewer Drains

Art truly knows know boundaries.  You show me something that you think can’t be turned into art and I’ll find an artist to prove you wrong.  Check out these manhole covers and sewer drains that various artists took it upon themselves to turn into works of fine art.

LEGOs Train Bridge

A kind street artist by the name of Megx decided to take a drab old train bridge in Germany and turn it into something a little more colorful and awesome.  Check it out in all its LEGO splendor!



After Close Up


Talk About Promotion: 150FT Tall Dark Knight Mural on the Side of a Building

This is the kind of thing you can only see in New York City where a group of artists/painters from Art FX Murals paints an ENORMOUS Dark Knight Promo for the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises on the side of a building.  The following pic shows the finished product, but if you click on the link you can see step by step how this massive painting was created.  It’s pretty amazing.  July 20th hurry up and get here!

Totally Unbelievable Treehouses

When I was a kid a few boards in a tree that gave even the slightest shelter against the elements was considered a treehouse and we left it to our imagination to fill in all the gaps.  These treehouses take the cake though, there are a few that I think we can all agree are more like treemansions.  Take a look!

The top image which depicts a treehouse resembling a Christmas decoration is known as the Yellow Treehouse and is located in New Zealand.  The treehouse that is suspended by scaffolding is now completed and is a Treehouse Hotel located in Sweden that for $600 dollars a night you can enjoy.

I’m particularly impressed aesthetically with the treehouse in the top left corner.  It reminds me of something out a JRR Tolkien novel.

If you ever wanted to live in the trees fulltime then there is a company called Blue Forest that can make your dreams come true.  The company specializes in producing fully functional and totally liveable treehouses.  The bottom photo is called the Canopy Cathedral and is located in Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

The top photo is a more modern treehouse design while the two bottom photos illicit thoughts of treehouses from fairytales.

The top photo could be considered the mother of all treehouses.  Known as the Minister’s House it is considered the largest treehouse in the world, and is located in Tennessee.  The second tree, is also a multi-level treehouse and is part of Treehouse Village Resort in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea.   

One of these is not actually a real treehouse.  Can you guess which one it is?  If you guessed the one that is set up on top of the giant tree trunk then you would be right.  It is actually a Japanese restaurant that is a totally concrete made structure which customers get up to via elevator.  While not an actual treehouse it is very interesting nonetheless. 

Cool Floating Graffiti Art

Couple the creative use of angles and bright bold colors and wahlah you get this awesome floating graffiti art found in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Amazing Art Made With Lights

This cathedral in Ghent, Belgium is brilliantly lit by 55,000 LED lights.  If I attended a mass/service here I wouldn’t be listening to anything being said I’m pretty sure.

Artist Eric Franklin is the creator of this glowing skeleton, which took him over two years to make.  It is called “Embodiment” and is made of 10 separate units of glass formed from borosilicate glass tubing. The skeleton is filled with krypton to create a neon-like glowing effect.

Artist Bruce Munro created this stunning display by placing over 5,000 Christmas lights on top of acrylic stems.  The work of art is appropriately called “Field of Lights”.

Urban artist Bill Fitz-Gibbons specializes in illuminating urban areas with neon lights as seen here with The Alamo in San Antonio, TX and a bridge underpass.

Sculptor Jim Sanborn is the creator of this stunning work of art.  It is actually a metal sculpture with phrases of poetry printed on it.  It is lit from the inside at night which cast the words on the surrounding area.

Moss Art

Stefaan de Crook an urban street artist uses a high power pressure washer to carve artwork into the moss growing outside of the STUK Art Center in Leuven, Belgium.  Unfortunately the moss grows back pretty quickly so if you want to see it you have to get there within the first couple weeks of it being done.